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Britney Spears Motivational Mug

Britney Spears Motivational Mug


A jessica K. Haas original, hand painted 90's era Britney Spears multi media painting that became a fan favorite when created has finally been printed on a high quality glazed ceramic mug! With pink glazed interior + handle, coffee mug- this mug is both functional and a collectible! The Britney Spears Motivational Mug is a great cheeky custom gift for a friend or even a motivational momento for yourself! This is one of Jessica Haas' first printed art products she has ever produced with her custom art on it to date, but there are only a limited quantity! 

To ensure the worth of her first printed manufactured piece, each coffee mug will come with a 1/1- 1/82 certificates of authenticity, hand signed by Jessica K. Haas.

The Britney Spears Motivational Mug is also a piece of art in and of itself and is limited edition by Jessica K. Haas. ONLY ***82 mugs in this specific print of this 1/1*** painting ever made in the world will be sold! Will you or your friend be one of them?

***Each mug will come with a certified JKH certificate of authenticity of not only the mug, but with the Britney Spears art that is printed on the mug itself as well, signed and dated by Jessica herself. 




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