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female speed painter Jessica Haas

Jessica K. Haas is not only America's first female speed- painter, but she currently holds the record as the fastest performance painter in the Entertainment industry since winning ABC's newest talent show, judged by celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Jack Black, & Will Arnett.

 New York magazine has named Jessica "the mother of the speedpainting movement".

 Nashville Today has said "Jessica is one to watch."

Jessica creates a music and art experience in minutes right before your eyes with vivid colors, expressive motion, and music. 

her Speedpainting portfolio is decorated with iconic 

performances for many

celebrities + prestigious brands and events. Jessica's talents in performance art, fine art, and speaking make her a dynamic feature for a variety of events and brands.





speedpainter Jessica Haas
speed panter Jessica haas
speed painter half time show
ohio state speed painter half time show
Michelin live artist painter
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Watch a behind the scenes exclusive recap on Jessica's BLOG on winning The Gong Show!!!


  Jessica is blazing a trail nation wide as America's First Female Speedpainter. She tours nationally and even internationally making her first international debut in Canda painting for the NHL Oilers in which her art alone raised $45k in one night! Jessica has painted for celebrities, on national television networks, and for national organizations such as The United States Dream Academy in both Washington D.C. and Orlando FL. She has been featured nationally as winner of ABC's Gong Show and on A&E's television show, Country Buck$, as well as locally at various news + talk shows. Jessica has had paintings purchased by celebrities such as Will Arnett, NFL football player Deangelo Williams, MLB player Will Middlebrooks, the Bozarth family for the Disney vocalist for The Lion King, and Matt Busbice from Country Buck$. Her paintings have helped raise nearly $2 million dollars collectively for several nationally known charities + organizations. She paints for varied audiences including brands like Sherwin Williams, Ikea, and Michelin Tires. She performs for half times and events for varied Sports Entertainment - NHL, NFL, PGA, NCAA, BigTenNetwork, Indy500, Formula1, FormulaE, and more. She has been featured on various television networks including ABC, TBS, A&E, ESPN, BigTen, Fox, and more. Corporate events, worship conferences, women's events, youth conferences, churches, galas, justice organizations, university forums, and currently is working on serving prison ministries because of her heart for helping at-risk youth. Jessica is passionate about using her God-given talents to give God glory in both the secular and church world. She loves using creative worship to serve the church, expand Gods kingdom, and inspire others to do the same, as well as to entertain for a variety of different audiences and brands. 

    Jessica has been an artist ever since she could hold a crayon, and she has been a speed artist over half her life. Jessica's speedpainting career began in the pageant world- a world where being bold about your faith was risky and could jeopordize any contestatns hard work. As if being a painter was not unique enough, Jessica went where most contestatns avoided in the pageant world for fear of being scored low- being bold about her belief in Jesus as Lord. Jessica chose to take a stand for her faith in Jesus in a state-wide competition by painting the face of Christ in only 90 seconds upside down and ended up becoming nationally known as the "Jesus-painter". God honored Jessica's faith as she captured the hearts of many becoming the very first award winning speed painter in the history of the Miss America organization and Miss Tennessee organization to ever win talent with art. Jessica was the first award winning speed painter in the history of Miss America, and the first + only talent winning contestant in the history of Miss America to paint Jesus.  Today, Jessica is still very well known as the first to blaze the trail for speedpainting on The Miss America Organization stage and still to this day is the only  female performance painter in the Miss America Organization to have ever won talent. But her Miss America debut was only the beginning of her speedpainting career.


     Jessica's talent caught the attention of a national television show on A&E and she was invited to perform on the show. Jessica's feature on A&E made her America's very first female speedpainter to be nationally featured on national television. Her now recent win of ABC's The Gong show where she performed and won the competition with a record 42 second painting she performed upside down on national television makes Jessica the current holder of the following records of performing the fastest painting on national television, the first female performance painter to paint on national television, and the first + fastest award winning female speedpainter to win on a national television network. New York Magazine has named her "The Mother of the Speedpainting Movement." Jessica has made history as the first female speedpainter in America and has now made her mark on national networks and national organizations. Her most recent debut is on a TBS commercial for Sherwin Williams paint that just aired and will remain on air for the next 2 years. Jessica performs and speaks all across the country passionately encouraging everyone to use their creative gifts, embrace their bold, and to make their mark on the world. Jessica is unique not just because she is a girl, but also because her performances are athletic and grip the viewer because the easels (she designs) scale to as long as 24 ft and she can perform them in as little as 90 seconds. Her skillset and creativity is a must-see experience and something that will change the way you experience art. Jessica has only been on the professional entertainment circuit a couple of years and has already led a movement, blazed a new trail, set new records, conquered barriers in a male dominated field, and made a name for herself on an international level. The fastest performance painter in the entertainment industry is a 26 year old female and she is just getting started.