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Freedom to Create : Colorful Statue of Liberty

Freedom to Create : Colorful Statue of Liberty


Curated + signed by Jessica K. Haas. Authentic 1 of 2 replica piece of the offical art created in Washington D.C. upon invitation from the U.S. Supreme Court to perform + speak on the freedom to create.


3x3 ft.

Mixed Media on canvas


Watch the official Washington D.C. video featuring the curation of this piece.

Video Description:

Follow America's First Female Speedpainter, Jessica, to Washington D.C. as she accepts the invitation to speak and perform before the United States Supreme Court on behalf of our nations' freedom to creative expression and our right to live + create freely without fear. Listen to Jessica share her story about how her professional career in entertainment began because she chose to unapologetically create what she believed, and in result risked everything to take a bold stand for her faith. Watch Jessica create 3 symbolic pieces of art that stand for all artists everywhere to have a right to express themselves freely.

Jessica K. Haas is America's First Female Speed painter and currently holds the record for performing the fastest live painting on national television since recently winning ABC's, The Gong Show! She performs art + speaks nation wide.

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