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Recap From Winning The Gong Show + Introducing, The Jessica K. Haas Channel!

Below is my video recap from about winning the show, but first...!!! It's been a week of epic announcements all week & here is ANNOUNCEMENT #5!!! Officially introducing The Jessica K. Haas YouTube channel!!!! Your go to for all things creative! Here I will be posting everything from paint tutorials, product reviews, beauty tutorials, lifestyle, new speedpaintings, DIY & more -all from the perspective of an artist! The first episode is up & it's a behind the scenes exclusive recap of my time on ABC's, The Gong Show, with celebrity judges: Jennifer Aniston, Jack Black & Will Arnett, that you won't want to miss as I share my sketches & paintings of what my winning Will Arnett performance painting was supposed to start off as, recap of my experience winning ABC's newest fun talent show + my interaction with the coolest panel of celebrity judges! Tune in & check it out below to see this fun Episode 1! Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more updates & to follow my journey as America's First Female + Fastest Speedpainter! I am so excited to share with you the creativity I use in everyday life on this channel! Check it out & Enjoy!

The Gong Show Recap From Winner + Americas First Female Speedpainter, Jessica Haas

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