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Be Who God Created You to Be

Isn’t it interesting how we struggle to attribute quality or significance or purpose to something unless the masses are all about it? In our day & age, worth can be reduced to how many followers something has & how many likes or views it has. Not hating on social media, I mean this is a blog obviously, but does quantity always equal quality? I heard a sermon from a preacher the other day that convicted my soul & was such a high quality word, but his face wasn’t on a million books nor was his congregation the scale of a city population. Does that mean his efforts were of any less value? Not at all. Do I think he will eventually lead masses? Maybe. Can high numbers equate quality? Sure it can, but that is not the rule. Jesus had only 12 followers and His life was the most significant in all humanity. In the same way, our lives are apart of a bigger picture & if we only attribute significance to the following or approval of the masses in this life, we risk missing our purpose. It is vital to be what God has created you to be, not someone else. You are unique for a reason.

God has created each of us for significance. Our worth isn’t evolving. It is sure. It isn’t dependent on our success or failures. It is bought with the blood of the Lamb. You are allowed to be different. Not because I say so, but because God created you as so & then gave His life for you because He wanted you so much. Your unique self has all the value you could fathom. God Himself has declared it. So when it comes down to who God created you to be, know there’s ample room for you- all your quirks, dreams, talents, story, & heart. There’s room because He made room & brought you forth in the world! Because He thought you up in His head & took the time to knit you together. He knew your name before you did. He knows you better than you know yourself. And He meant to make you different! 

Don’t resist your unique calling. God created you. You are unique. You are valuable. You are specific. You are the only you that exists. Look at your finger print. No really, look at your finger. See those lines engraved in the texture of your skin? Did you realize that your finger print identifies you from anyone else in the entire world, both in present & in past- of all time- & that that design on the tip of your little finger is a rare, one of a kind, pattern that only you hold? Only you have that one pattern. No other finger in the entire world -past, present, or future- holds that pattern. That’s why the FBI uses fingerprints to catch people- it’s how we are identified. The details on your finger pattern are like an exterior visual code that tells your DNA! It tells the world who you are! And you’ve got 10 of those unique little guys! Anyway, God didn’t skimp on creating you by giving you a generic DNA as evidenced by your fingerprint. He gave you a hyper-rare identity!!! It’s specific. He didn’t leave any detail to chance or withhold any of His approval when making you. He made intentional choices during your curation. He saw His work & said it was good. He knit together your fingerprint. And if God would spend so much attention & detail on your tiny fingerprint, can you imagine how awesomely unfathomable who He created you to be & what He created you to do is!? I’m a firm believer that if we truly knew who God created us to be we would never want to be anyone else. Why? Because He says we are rare & beautiful & good. He proves it with our DNA, it’s plain as day on our finger print! He declares it in His word & He puts Himself up for ransom to set the bar for our worth. He doesn’t throw money at our souls, no, He gives His life & sheds His own blood for us. Why? Because we are His masterpiece {Ephesians 2:10}. Even if we are different. Especially if we are different! Because we are all different! On purpose! God didn’t create us to fit a mold, He broke a mold each time He made a new human. He broke the mold when He made you! So don’t waste it. Be you. Blaze a trail. Be brave. Speak up. Dare to risk & dream & be who God created you to be. Recognize what quality is as defined by the One who created all things & that your worth was established by Him, in Him,& for Him. Press into the truth that you are a divine creation of the One true God, specific, & fashioned uniquely on purpose. Let yourself be an original & dare to discover who He really created you to be. You won’t desire to be anyone else.

Love Jess, 

a girl who picked up a paintbrush under a time limit.

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